NCFI 2020 Congress Prayer & Fasting Initiative

Many of us can testify to the depth of instruction, worship, and encouragement, as well as the personal and professional transformation that occurs during the NCFI Congresses every four years.  As we rapidly approach the 2020 Congress in July there continues to be many needs. One of our priority needs is the ability of national leaders and international board members to attend. Resources and visas are the biggest challenges for many people. Even though the Congress Convener Kamalini works closely with the host site, Colorado Christian University to minimize the costs of the Congress, there is the large expense of flight, visas, etc that put a burden on individuals, national fellowships and regions.

Thus, the Prayer and Care Committee with the NCFI Leadership team is calling for a period of prayer and fasting. Our request is for the national fellowship leaders and all the members of the International Board and Leadership team can attend the 2020 Congress.  

2020 NCFI Congress

I encourage everyone to commit to praying daily and/or weekly for Congress needs. Depending on your health and personal needs, also commit to fast weekly. With everyone having different time zones and schedules, I will pray that everyone finds a day/time that works best for them. For whatever reason, if you are unable to fast for one meal a week, then choose to fast from a favorite drink, activity, or whatever the Lord leads.

  1. Begin praying about how you will fast. Will it be one meal, two meals, 24 hours?
  2. What will you abstain from—all food and drinks, etc.
  3. Choose a day/time for fasting.

Our commitment is to focus on prayer and fasting beginning in January until July 8, the day before the 2020 Congress International Board Meetings.

Here are some resources:

I am reminded of when the leaders of the Antioch church were worshiping and fasting. The Holy Spirit spoke to them and said, “Set apart for Me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.” (Acts 13:1-3). Let’s open our hearts and listen to what the Holy Spirit may say to us.

NCFI Prayer & Care Committee

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