Encouraging Nurses with nurses4him

One of the cornerstones of my nursing practice is the living presence of Jesus in my personal life. Yet, I am challenged to merge my personal faith with my professional life. Even though I have been a nurse for 20+years, I struggle every day to live out the love and grace of Jesus as a nurse, teacher, and colleague. It is from my own personal need that the Lord birthed my passion–to encourage and equip Christian nurses to live out their faith in their professional practice. Thus, in 2008 I started the ministry of nurses4him.org, which continues through this blog and my website www.carriedameron.com


Available Ebook

The Lord has equipped and blessed this ministry through the publication of two resources: Nurses Coffee Break Series: Colossians Prayer (in revision) and Our Faithful Journey in Nursing; as well as a column in the Journal of Christian Nursing. Christian Nursing 101 which merges the tenants of Christian faith with professional nursing.

JCN cover

Journal of Christian Nursing


Through my work with NCFI (Nurses Christian Fellowship International), the Lord gave me the opportunity of a lifetime to reach around the world and encourage international nurses through a bi-monthly devotion entitled NCFI Cares (Caring Across Regions with Encouraging Scripture). 

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