Making Grief Soup

Making Grief Soup

In 2014, I began writing memoir-type essays entitled the Alphabet Soup of Grief. Let me tell you, there are many words in the English language related to grief. It was not difficulty to find more than 26 grief words to express the human experience.

Now, more than seven years later with some distance and healing, I am ready to begin sharing some of My Grief Soup with others. It includes postings from my previous musings, devotions and insights from my walk with Jesus and resources I have picked up along the way.

Latest Posts

Maybe God Will Relent

David replied, “While the child was still alive, I fasted and wept because I thought, ‘Perhaps the Lord will show pity and the child will live.’ But now he is dead. Why should I fast? Am I able to bring him back at this point? I will go to him, but he cannot return to…

When Defeat is Better than Death

The king (David) covered his face and cried out loudly, “My son, Absalom! Absalom, my son, my son!” (2 Samuel 19:4) Anyone with a child can understand David’s emotional toil at the death of his son, Absalom. It didn’t matter that his son had become his enemy by forming a coup and would have killed…

Seeking Counseling

I am a big advocate of seeking a professional counselor. The right person can be a place to talk, explore and dive into your emotional issues. When my sister suddenly died I was a wreck! With the support of my husband and daughters, I was managing until the holidays. My backpack of grief (that was…

A Mother’s Gift

As he approached the town gate, a man who had died was being carried out, the only son of his mother (who was a widow), and a large crowd from the town was with her. When the Lord saw her, he had compassion for her and said to her, “Do not weep.” Then he came…


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