Making Grief Soup

Making Grief Soup

In 2014, I began writing memoir-type essays entitled the Alphabet Soup of Grief. Let me tell you, there are many words in the English language related to grief. It was not difficulty to find more than 26 grief words to express the human experience.

Now, more than seven years later with some distance and healing, I am ready to begin sharing some of My Grief Soup with others. It includes postings from my previous musings, devotions and insights from my walk with Jesus and resources I have picked up along the way.

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Why Grief Soup?

Many years ago while working on a medical surgical unit I was caring for a terminal patient who was being transferred to home hospice care. The liaison for hospice came by to chat with the patient, exploring if she was ready for hospice care. I have always been drawn to caring for the dying. Some […]

The Empathy of God

When Jesus saw her weeping, and the people who had come with her weeping, he was intensely moved in spirit and greatly distressed. He asked, “Where have you laid him?” They replied, “Lord, come and see.” Jesus wept. (John 11:33-35) In John Chapter 11 we find Jesus traveling with the disciples, when he was notified […]

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