Prayer Wall for Healthcare

Recently I was invited to share how Nurses Christian Fellowship (NCF), USA and Nurses Christian Fellowship International (NCFI) provides caring for nurses and for patients. The conference was at a hospital in California with the featured speaker presenting caring from a humanistic expanding conscious philosophy in nursing. I not only seen this as an opportunity to share with participants Christian resources on caring that both NCF USA and NCFI provide, I also seen this as an opportunity to share how Christian caring is unique and based upon the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Overall, I think it went well with both myself and the local NCF leader connecting with many of the nurses attending the conference.

The takeaway for me from the conference was the continued need for prayer in health care. Knowing the history of nursing, medicine, and healing, I couldn’t help but feel that healthcare has wandered away from the early roots of men and women of God motivated out of a love for God. A desire to be used by God to follow Christ’s command to serve others as if we are caring for Jesus himself (Matthew 25:35-37).

Once again, when I connected with Christian nurses, I find many of them unaware of the fellowship of one another. Many of them are connected with their churches, their bible studies, and their families, but not connected to another brother and sister in healthcare to support and encourage them. Healthcare becomes more and more convoluted every day and we need the Holy Spirit’s discernment and wisdom, as well as each other to bear us up through our work.  Ecclesiastes 4:12 reminds us of the importance of strength found when two or three come together. 

All of this to say, let’s get focused on praying for healthcare–pray for doctors, nurses, staff, patients, technology, on and on. Subscribe or follow this Prayer Wall and look for prayer prompts. Also, please post your prayer requests on the wall through Facebook & Twitter. BTW, use discretion when posting. We can pray for one others facility, etc and leave the rest to God who knows the details.