NCFI Cares: Beautiful Grace

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Sometimes we need reminders of the personal intimacy of our God.  I was listening to a Christian radio station, when a simple, powerful song came on.

“Like sunlight burning at midnight, Making my life something so. Beautiful, beautiful”

These simple words of the chorus truly burned into my moment. I was struck by the simplicity, yet complexity of God’s grace as compared to the bright shining sun into a dark night. God’s grace is just like that…sunlight burning into our life, such contrast to our earthly life of midnight.

God brightens our work in nursing, radiates our hearts in professional and personal relationships. He especially provides warmth to our intimacy with Jesus Christ. God’s grace even after salvation makes our life “beautiful, beautiful”. No matter where you are on your journey of faith…baby Christian, stumbling adolescent, or mature adult. God always brings the warm bright light of grace into our lives and makes everything beautiful, beautiful! (1 Peter 1:3-4)

Here is the link for a video of the song:

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