Encouraging International Nurses through NCFI Cares

One of the cornerstones of my nursing practice is the living presence of Jesus in my personal life. Yet, I am challenged to merge my personal faith with my professional life. Even though I have been a nurse for 20+years, I struggle every day to live out the love and grace of Jesus as a nurse, teacher, and colleague. It is from my own personal need that the Lord birthed my passion–to encourage and equip Christian nurses to live out their faith in their professional practice. Thus, in 2008 I started the ministry of nurses4him.org, which continues through this blog and various publications. 

The Lord has equipped and blessed me by using my gift of encouragement, teaching, and writing to publish devotions through Nurses Christian Fellowship International. NCFI Cares (Caring Across Regions with Encouraging Scripture). Whether you are a seasoned NCFI Cares subscriber, a frequent visitor, or a roving blogger/visitor, take a trip down memory lane and explore the various topics covered. You will be encouraged by the warm heart and support found in a brief devotion. 

  • Read the first NCFI Cares devotion/blog posting from 2013 entitled NCFI Cares: Hands and Heart.
  • In 2016, a compilation of devotions was published for print entitled CARES: Reflections for Nurses. 
    • There are 3 different publications to serve international Christian nurses (Bilingual Spanish/English, English only, and Chinese/English). The PDF documents are available for free on the NCFI Website.
  • In January 2018, we celebrated the 100th NCFI Cares Devotion and 5 years of regular communication. This video devotion was a fun way to reach out to international nurses with encouragement and support. 
  • Then, during the pandemic CARES II: Reflections for Nurses was published! This unique compilation includes devotions from Christian nurses from around the world–Chile, Argentina, Nigeria, Singapore, Bangladesh, Norway, and the United Kingdom. It is available in 2 publications: Bilingual Spanish/English and English only. You can find it on Amazon or as a free pdf download on the NCFI Website.

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Be sure to check out the category Christian Nursing Publications. A compilation of NCFI devotional series which can be used for personal or with nursing groups.  Some titles include the following:

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