NCFI Cares: Hands and Heart

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Welcome to the first edition of NCFI cares: Caring Across Regions with Encouraging Scripture. I am excited to be part of the hands and heart of NCFI. The president, board, staff, and members recognize nurses scattered across the globe need encouragement. We are working hard to care for patients, supervise staff, and educate students. And, like many nurses, we are also busy in our churches, connecting with communities, and volunteering with our fellowships. And even though we connect with other Christian nurses during our local and regional fellowships, it may not be enough to sustain us. 50 years ago Pat Ashworth and other pioneers for NCFI recognized that “nurses need sources of continuing strength and refreshment and of spiritual health and growth; especially if we are to function fully as effective nurses.” (A History of Nurses Christian Fellowship International: The first 50 years page xv)

Today, I think Christian nurses need more strength and refreshment than ever before. Thus, we all need the encouraging hands and warm heart of NCFI to reach across the regions (1Thessalonians 4:18).

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