NCFI Cares: International Nurses Day

Here is a wonderful touch and blessing from the Philippine Nurses Association (PNA) as we celebrate International Nurses Day and prepare for Congress:
Click on the link for the PNA hymn via a YouTube video.
Blessings, Carrie

NCFI Cares: Hope in Thankfulness


Like love and faith our hope grows and blossoms (1 Corinthians 13:13). One of the ways we can nurture hope in our lives is through thankfulness.  Identifying the simplest things in our lives and thanking our Father God for them fosters hope, even when we are buried beneath the trials of life. This is also true for our patients struggling with illnesses and diseases.  When we struggle to find something to be thankful for, we can pause and thank the Creator for our existence and the necessities of air and water for life. No matter what our situation or our patient’s circumstances there is always something to be thankful for.

An excellent passage for thankfulness is Psalm 136. Famous for its repetitive refrain “his steadfast love endures forever” or “his loving kindness endures forever,” the psalm states “Give thanks to the Lord for…he is good…God of gods…does great wonders, etc. The psalm continues with a history lesson of the Israelite s relationship with God. This is our Lord, who has and continues to write a historical narrative in our lives.  We discover the sustained hope when we remember how the Lord has worked in our past (Lam 3:21).


Take time this week and read Psalm 136 and “Give thanks to the Lord for __________________ filling in the blank with how the Lord has demonstrated his “steadfast love” in recently in your life.

p.s. Want to discover how to encourage hope for your patients?  Check out three articles from the Journal of Christian Nursing. Importance of Hope; When Hope is Lost Part 1 & Part 2.  

USA JCN subscriptions

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Journal of Christian Nursing


JCN available Internationally!

One of the first things that came to my heart when I 

became involved with NCFI in 2010 was the hunger for professional Christian resources from international nurses. When I came home from my first trip to Manila, I began praying and talking with Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner, the editor of Journal of Christian Nursing. As time went by and Kathy shared all the “complications” of international journals, costs, currency rates, NCF-USA staff needs, etc, etc, the needs seemed endless. We trudged forward and added the specifics to our prayers and continued to elicit more prayer warriors: Jane Hall (NCF USA president), Barbara, Tove, Amy, and many unnamed saints in OUR passionate petition to bring this wonderful journal to YOU!  


Well the Lord has seen fit to answer our prayers for the Journal of Christian Nursing is available ONLINE–INTERNATIONALLY!

Journal of Christian Nursing” (JCN) is a peer-reviewed, quarterly, professional journal helping nurses integrate issues of faith with nursing practice and sustain excellence in nursing care since 1984. Our mission is to help nurses, students, and educators practice from a biblically-based, Christian perspective. JCN offers relevant peer-reviewed clinical and professional information, including original research, on: current issues and trends, spirituality and spiritual care, ethics, values, healing and wholeness, faith community nursing, healthcare missions, nursing education, personal growth and self-care, health care for the poor and disenfranchised, and nursing care experiences which promote excellence and encourage nurses. 


JCN International Online subscription 

  • $37 a year
  • through paypal or credit card
  • may take 6 WEEKS to gain access (a NCF USA staff person inputs the information, etc)

We thank our Lord for his blessings, the endurance of his people and extend a blessing to you–knowing you will be equipped for his good works! “Ephesians 4:12” 



p.s. One of the great options for the JCN is the ability to provide a “GIFT” subscription. If the Lord has abundantly provided for you or your fellowship, group, bible study, etc. pray how you may purchase one or more gift subscriptions for our brothers and sisters who would greatly benefit from your generous heart (like loaves and fishes!) 

Update…Our Faithful Journey In Nursing

Our Faithful Journey in Nursing: A teaching on Faith, Compassion, Prayer and Excellence in Christian Nursing is available as an eBook at Amazon/Kindle for $1.99 USD. Also available via international markets.

This book truly has a God story!
It started as a 4 articles with bible studies published in a Norwegian nursing journal…then compiled into one book with globish revisions…distributed by Tove to Sierra Leone nurses. Now published as an eBook…and now distributing hard copies to Denmark for nursing/medical students.
Don’t you love it when God is amazing!
Wow! If it could earn mileage then it would have a free trip somewhere–LOL
stay tuned…

NCFI Cares: Our Rescuer

“…he will certainly rescue you from the snare of
the hunter and from the destructive plague.”
Psalm 91:3

       Have you
ever been caught off guard or surprised? Maybe it was a sudden accident? Notice
of losing your job? Unfortunately many of life’s painful events come to us suddenly
and without warning. Whether it is a threat to our personal or family’s well
being; a loss of job; or a natural disaster that destroys are home and
community—shock is the element. As occupants on this earth we are vulnerable to
the unknown and sudden tragedies that await us like a trap for a rabbit.

            If the
unknown does not frighten you, what about the microscopic? As health care
providers we are all too aware of the destruction of diseases and illness. A virus
or bacteria can wreck havoc to an unsuspecting victim. Whether in the water we
drink, the food we eat, or the air we breathe we are vulnerable to the
unsuspecting destruction of the smallest organisms on the planet. In the 21st
Century, an epidemic is still one of our greatest threats to human health.

            These two
scenarios found in Psalm 91:3 are enough to cause fear and panic.  And, once again we are reminded where our
security rests. In our Rescuer–Jesus Christ!  We are protected in his hand. Not immune to
disasters, but secure in his ever present providence (Hebrews 13:5; 2
Corinthians 2:10). Even though we are vulnerable to the tragedies of this
world, we have a secured eternal place with him.  



p.s. I mentioned last time about connecting truth contained
in our minds to our heart. A great way to have truth easily accessible to our
heart is to memorize scripture. As we walk verse-by-verse through Psalm 91, I
encourage you to memorize it with me. 


NCFI Cares: Global Fellowship

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If you were recently at the NCFI international conference in Chile or a regional/national conference, you probably connected with nurses from another country or region. During these conferences we not only enjoy beautiful scenes, explore new cultures, and gain nursing knowledge; we also open our eyes and hearts to our brothers and sisters in Christ. Our connection with nurses outside our area helps us see how nursing is different, yet the same around the world. We may have different jobs in nursing, yet we share the bond of caring for patients. We learn of the various hardships in nursing. Some nurses lack supplies, some lack enough nurses, while others lack money. We also share our personal struggles with one another. Some nurses face persecution for their Christian faith. While others may be experiencing health and/or family concerns. In fact, global fellowship is one of the many exciting things about NCFI. For through our connection with a large multi-member international organization, we can build relationships founded on Christ. Take time this month to pray for each region. “Be on alert with all perseverance and petition for all saints” (Ephesians 6:18). Praise God for his work across the globe in nursing and lift up those who experience hardships.

NCFI Cares: Faith to Rest

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A boat is traveling across the sea when the wind and waves begin to knock the boat around. Most of the people on the boat are fearful as the waves bring water into the boat. Yet, one passenger is asleep on a soft cushion below the deck of the boat. The storm continues and the boat begins to fill with water. All the passengers are in a panic except for sleeping passenger (Mark 4:35-41).

Our nursing boat is often rocked by a storm. The storm can be a change in funding, challenges to patient care, or not enough staff. We can quickly feel overwhelmed by the winds of change and the rising water of uncertainty. In fact, nursing and health care are always experiencing some type of storm.

Just as Jesus rested in confidence on the storm-rocked boat, we can rest in him. Jesus cares about health care, nursing, and our patients. He will continue to guide us and provide for you, me and our patients. So, when we find ourselves in a health care storm, can rest in faith and God’s promise is to provide.

NCFI Cares: Hands and Heart

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Welcome to the first edition of NCFI cares: Caring Across Regions with Encouraging Scripture. I am excited to be part of the hands and heart of NCFI. The president, board, staff, and members recognize nurses scattered across the globe need encouragement. We are working hard to care for patients, supervise staff, and educate students. And, like many nurses, we are also busy in our churches, connecting with communities, and volunteering with our fellowships. And even though we connect with other Christian nurses during our local and regional fellowships, it may not be enough to sustain us. 50 years ago Pat Ashworth and other pioneers for NCFI recognized that “nurses need sources of continuing strength and refreshment and of spiritual health and growth; especially if we are to function fully as effective nurses.” (A History of Nurses Christian Fellowship International: The first 50 years page xv)

Today, I think Christian nurses need more strength and refreshment than ever before. Thus, we all need the encouraging hands and warm heart of NCFI to reach across the regions (1Thessalonians 4:18).

NCFI conference in Chile!

NCFI Conference November 2012    Previously, I had posted about working with NCFI (Nurses Christian Fellowship International) in creating “The Art and Science of Spiritual Care.” This wonderful project is continuing with Amy, Swee Eng, Grace and myself. We will be teaching this track in November, 2012 in Santiago, Chile. I know I can speak for all of us in welcoming your prayers and support for the conference, the speakers, the participants and the work our Lord is doing around the world.

Being with hundreds of people from around the world in Manila who love Jesus and love patients was an amazing experience! It was a “bucket list” experience for myself andI am sure Chile will be the same.

Sign up and plan on attending and then be sure to come and say “Hi!”