NCFI Cares: Our Rescuer

“…he will certainly rescue you from the snare of
the hunter and from the destructive plague.”
Psalm 91:3

       Have you
ever been caught off guard or surprised? Maybe it was a sudden accident? Notice
of losing your job? Unfortunately many of life’s painful events come to us suddenly
and without warning. Whether it is a threat to our personal or family’s well
being; a loss of job; or a natural disaster that destroys are home and
community—shock is the element. As occupants on this earth we are vulnerable to
the unknown and sudden tragedies that await us like a trap for a rabbit.

            If the
unknown does not frighten you, what about the microscopic? As health care
providers we are all too aware of the destruction of diseases and illness. A virus
or bacteria can wreck havoc to an unsuspecting victim. Whether in the water we
drink, the food we eat, or the air we breathe we are vulnerable to the
unsuspecting destruction of the smallest organisms on the planet. In the 21st
Century, an epidemic is still one of our greatest threats to human health.

            These two
scenarios found in Psalm 91:3 are enough to cause fear and panic.  And, once again we are reminded where our
security rests. In our Rescuer–Jesus Christ!  We are protected in his hand. Not immune to
disasters, but secure in his ever present providence (Hebrews 13:5; 2
Corinthians 2:10). Even though we are vulnerable to the tragedies of this
world, we have a secured eternal place with him.  



p.s. I mentioned last time about connecting truth contained
in our minds to our heart. A great way to have truth easily accessible to our
heart is to memorize scripture. As we walk verse-by-verse through Psalm 91, I
encourage you to memorize it with me. 


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