NCFI Cares: Rest in Truth

Psalm 91:4 “He will shelter you with his wings; you will find safety under his wingsHis faithfulness is like a shield or a protective wall.”

          Have you ever seen an adult bird tuck a baby bird under
their wings? The adult bird has the strength of being larger and mature; has
acquired life-learning wisdom; and is alert to the surrounding dangers. The
baby chick rests securely, for it is weak and vulnerable depending on its
parent for sustenance, and has no knowledge of anything beyond the warmth and
security of the parent. I always think that is true protection.

            In the
simple, yet intimate life of a bird, we are given another source of God’s
protection—his faithfulness. Some bibles use “truth” meaning stability,
firmness and reliability.  At first we
may be confused to think that the word “truth” is interchangeable with the word
“faithfulness.” Yet, isn’t that where the strength and security of our Lord
comes from, is truth. The divine instruction of the Bible and the authenticity
of Jesus Christ are truth and define the faithfulness of God.

            Romans 3:3
reminds us of the indescribable law at work with God’s faithfulness—it isn’t
dependent upon the believer. For whether we believe or not, God’s faithfulness
does not change. We are to be the baby bird. The difference for us is how we
rest…are we secure and content like a baby bird under its mother’s wings? Or
are we panicking constantly peeking between the feathers to make sure all is

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