NCFI Cares: 24/7 Protection

91:5-6 “You need not fear the terrors
of the night, the arrow that flies by day, the plague that comes in the
darkness,or the disease that comes at noon.”

            We have
been discovering strength found in the Lord’s names, Most High and Almighty. We
also have seen how the Lord demonstrates security as a fortress, rescuer and as
our wise guardian. Our verses this week reveal what the Lord protects us from.
The goal in delving into these verses is not to be specific and think of only
plagues or disease as part of our protection. The psalmist used symbolic
language to define the vastness of dread and destruction that can come into our
lives. The writer understood that we live on a planet with chaos and death. We
are helpless against dangerous volcanoes, vicious earthquakes, and damaging
tsunamis. We share communities with evil men and women who purposefully cause
us pain and suffering. And these are just a few of the terrors and dread that
encompasses our life.

thankfully, yet we have the Lord’s 24/7 protection with an eternal, around the
clock vigilance. While reading these specific phrases “terrors of night”,
“diseases at noon” we see the magnitude of protection in the seen and unseen,
the natural and unnatural. A reminder of God’s care is found in Exodus.  Where we see the Lord use extraordinary
measures to protect and guide the Israelites through much fear and calamity; their testimony encourages our faith and trust. 


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