Energy Based Therapies in Christian Nursing: Part 1

I decided to jump off the deep end and tackle energy based therapies in Christian Nursing. Over the next 3 issues, I will give an overview of concerns Christian nurses have regarding Reiki, Qigong, and Therapeutic Touch. This first article is an introduction to energy therapies and the Caritas. The brief articles can only give us a beginning point for learning about these therapies and hopeful an entry into a discussion with health care providers. 

My purpose in writing the articles was really two-fold: first, we have to become knowledgeable as Christian nurses to understand what is out there. In today’s information age, not-knowing is truly unacceptable. The internet gives most of us full access to an array of Christian, Nursing, and Bioethical resources to explore complex topics. We need to get on the web and begin finding the answers from both a theological and scientific standpoint. My second purpose is how to respond to our colleagues. Our guiding truth for responding is simple–grace and love. 
I encourage to read the articles in JCN with prayer and wisdom. The Lord continues to guide us in his love and truth, and may we be filled with his grace to both receive and to give. 
4him, Carrie

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