NCFI Cares: Global Fellowship

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If you were recently at the NCFI international conference in Chile or a regional/national conference, you probably connected with nurses from another country or region. During these conferences we not only enjoy beautiful scenes, explore new cultures, and gain nursing knowledge; we also open our eyes and hearts to our brothers and sisters in Christ. Our connection with nurses outside our area helps us see how nursing is different, yet the same around the world. We may have different jobs in nursing, yet we share the bond of caring for patients. We learn of the various hardships in nursing. Some nurses lack supplies, some lack enough nurses, while others lack money. We also share our personal struggles with one another. Some nurses face persecution for their Christian faith. While others may be experiencing health and/or family concerns. In fact, global fellowship is one of the many exciting things about NCFI. For through our connection with a large multi-member international organization, we can build relationships founded on Christ. Take time this month to pray for each region. “Be on alert with all perseverance and petition for all saints” (Ephesians 6:18). Praise God for his work across the globe in nursing and lift up those who experience hardships.

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