NCFI Cares: In The Trenches

In both Peter and Jesus’s teaching on Satan (1 Peter 5:8; Luke 22:31-34) we are reminded of an important aspect of standing firm against Satan, the comradery of our Christian brothers and sisters.  Whenever we are feeling discouraged by the attacks of Satan, or our faith is being tested we know our brothers and sisters around the world are also “in the trenches.”

I am unsure how many people are familiar with the expression or metaphor “in the trenches.” It is a reference from World War I when front-line soldiers lived and fought in deep ditches or trenches. These were the men who fought the daily battles. They were dirty and bloody, malnourished, wounded and sick, yet their bravery and determination would help them overcome the enemy.

This same reference can be applied to Christians around the world who are fighting against Satan in God’s holy war. “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world rulers of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavens” (Ephesians 6:12).

All of us are in the trenches resisting Satan and staying faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ. Next time, you feel like you are spiritually bruised and tattered; hold fast for you are not alone. For across the border, beyond the continent, and around the globe millions of our brothers and sisters are fighting the same war. We are in the trenches together standing firm in victory.


NCFI Cares: Looking for the One

When I was new nurse working in a hospital I was shocked at the negativity that some of the nurses had towards their patients and their profession. I was excited to be a nurse and knew that the Lord had brought me through many personal trials to be able to graduate and become an RN. There were very few Christians around, so I also lacked fellow believers to guide and support me.

So, I prayed. I prayed against acquiring a bitter, complaining attitude (Eph. 4:31); and I prayed to keep the passion for nursing and a heart for patients God had given me (John 15:12). Then, one day I was reading a nursing type periodical and seen an advertisement to connect with a local Nurses Christian Fellowship in my area. I knew this was an answer to prayer. I immediately called the number and connected with other Christian nurses. This was over 22 years ago. Through my need and my prayers, as well as the group’s prayer, Jesus connected me to NCF USA. I am now part of NCFI and am connected to all of you—Nurses who love Jesus and love nursing!

I tell this story to remind all of us that there are nurses everywhere who need fellowship and support in maintaining their faith and passion for Christian nursing. They may feel discouraged and challenged to live out their love of Christ in their workplace. Jesus taught us to leave the 100 to find the 1 (Matt. 18:12). Thus we need to pray AND actively find ways to seek out those who need encouragement. Whether it is personally, locally, or nationally—seek out a sister or brother who needs YOU



NCFI Cares: CPR for Hope–Breathing!


Breathing is necessary for physical life. Nurses and other health care providers may insert a tube into the lungs to facilitate breathing, and/or attach a ventilator or breathing machine that will “breathe” for a patient. Another intervention for someone not breathing is to have a nurse place their mouth over a patient’s mouth to blow air into the patient. These are all extreme measures that help the patient breathe when they are unable to meet their own oxygen requirements.

Spiritual breathing is also important to sustain life. Jesus, meeting with disciples after the resurrection, breathes on them saying, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” (John 20:22).  This holy intervention brought the eternal Holy Spirit into their spirit. From this point forward, the disciples are focused on continuing the ministry of the new covenant.

At times we need a renewal of the Holy Spirit to invigorate our calling in Jesus. Just as CPR has another person breath physically for a patient, we need to breathe spiritually for a fellow brother or sister. We can reach out to one another with prayer and various social connections. Whether it is through email, text or a phone call a simple inspiring message can bring a freshness into someone else’s life. So send the “breath of the Spirit” to someone who needs a boost of hope!

“Hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us” (Romans 5:5)

Grace & Peace,


p.s. Let’s pray for our brothers and sisters around the word who experience hardships and violence because of their faithfulness to Jesus (Ephesians 5:18)

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NCFI Cares: Global Fellowship

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If you were recently at the NCFI international conference in Chile or a regional/national conference, you probably connected with nurses from another country or region. During these conferences we not only enjoy beautiful scenes, explore new cultures, and gain nursing knowledge; we also open our eyes and hearts to our brothers and sisters in Christ. Our connection with nurses outside our area helps us see how nursing is different, yet the same around the world. We may have different jobs in nursing, yet we share the bond of caring for patients. We learn of the various hardships in nursing. Some nurses lack supplies, some lack enough nurses, while others lack money. We also share our personal struggles with one another. Some nurses face persecution for their Christian faith. While others may be experiencing health and/or family concerns. In fact, global fellowship is one of the many exciting things about NCFI. For through our connection with a large multi-member international organization, we can build relationships founded on Christ. Take time this month to pray for each region. “Be on alert with all perseverance and petition for all saints” (Ephesians 6:18). Praise God for his work across the globe in nursing and lift up those who experience hardships.

Get Connected!

When I was new grad RN fresh out of nursing school and working my first job,  I discovered a local NCF group. I was ecstatic to discover a place with nurses who had the same passion for nursing AND Jesus as myself. Amazingly, this was 20 years ago and the group is still in place.

The group has gone through much transformation through the years with change in leadership. At times I equate our participant list to a McDonald’s drive through, where nurses and/students come in get supported and refreshed and then go on their way. Our meeting times, days and even frequency has changed based upon need and availability. We have done bible studies, books, and devotions. There are many stories to tell regarding the group, the nurses that have come to our time of fellowship, as well as answered and unanswered prayers. I will say the “cornerstone” of the group has been two nurses who met at a nursing retreat, started the group and still keep it going. Carol and Kathy really get the blessing of being committed to the group no matter what!

If you are not connected in some way with other Christian nurses–Get Connected! You will be encouraged and have the blessing of encouraging others.

Get ideas of connecting with others in the article Get Connected! in July/September, 2012 issue of Journal of Christian Nursing