Get Connected!

When I was new grad RN fresh out of nursing school and working my first job,  I discovered a local NCF group. I was ecstatic to discover a place with nurses who had the same passion for nursing AND Jesus as myself. Amazingly, this was 20 years ago and the group is still in place.

The group has gone through much transformation through the years with change in leadership. At times I equate our participant list to a McDonald’s drive through, where nurses and/students come in get supported and refreshed and then go on their way. Our meeting times, days and even frequency has changed based upon need and availability. We have done bible studies, books, and devotions. There are many stories to tell regarding the group, the nurses that have come to our time of fellowship, as well as answered and unanswered prayers. I will say the “cornerstone” of the group has been two nurses who met at a nursing retreat, started the group and still keep it going. Carol and Kathy really get the blessing of being committed to the group no matter what!

If you are not connected in some way with other Christian nurses–Get Connected! You will be encouraged and have the blessing of encouraging others.

Get ideas of connecting with others in the article Get Connected! in July/September, 2012 issue of Journal of Christian Nursing

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