NCFI Cares: Looking for the One

When I was new nurse working in a hospital I was shocked at the negativity that some of the nurses had towards their patients and their profession. I was excited to be a nurse and knew that the Lord had brought me through many personal trials to be able to graduate and become an RN. There were very few Christians around, so I also lacked fellow believers to guide and support me.

So, I prayed. I prayed against acquiring a bitter, complaining attitude (Eph. 4:31); and I prayed to keep the passion for nursing and a heart for patients God had given me (John 15:12). Then, one day I was reading a nursing type periodical and seen an advertisement to connect with a local Nurses Christian Fellowship in my area. I knew this was an answer to prayer. I immediately called the number and connected with other Christian nurses. This was over 22 years ago. Through my need and my prayers, as well as the group’s prayer, Jesus connected me to NCF USA. I am now part of NCFI and am connected to all of you—Nurses who love Jesus and love nursing!

I tell this story to remind all of us that there are nurses everywhere who need fellowship and support in maintaining their faith and passion for Christian nursing. They may feel discouraged and challenged to live out their love of Christ in their workplace. Jesus taught us to leave the 100 to find the 1 (Matt. 18:12). Thus we need to pray AND actively find ways to seek out those who need encouragement. Whether it is personally, locally, or nationally—seek out a sister or brother who needs YOU