NCFI Cares: No Fear

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Many of us know the story of Paul, who was Saul. The person instrumental to the Paul’s conversion is the person Ananias, “a disciple of the Lord.”  The Lord comes to him in a vision and directs Ananias to go and present the gospel to Saul. Remember, Saul had been violently persecuting Christians. So when Ananias receives this personal directive from God, he argues and says, “Excuse me Lord, do you know who this Paul is?” Ananias is trembling with fear and not sure if the Lord is really saying, “Go”.

Fear is a powerful deterrent to our obedience to God. Many of us may not be asked to go someplace fearful, but we may be asked to talk with someone who frightens us. Or we may be asked by God take on an unfamiliar role in nursing, or provide care for patients different from ourselves. The Lord will ask you to do something that is uncomfortable. It is also important to note, that what is fearful for me, may not be fearful for you.

The Lord responds to Ananias fear by saying, “Go, because this man (Saul) is my chosen instrumentto carry my name before Gentiles and kings and the people of Israel”(Acts 9:15). So, Ananias follows the Lord’s instructions and meets with Saul to baptize him. Saul receives the first hand of love and forgiveness through Ananias. The Lord will call on us and we will have fears, but the Lord will guide us, strengthen us, and most importantly work through us for His glory.

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