NCFI Cares: Nurses’ Day Blessing

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As an organization of international nurses, NCFI is especially aware of the sacrifices men and women have made to provide nursing care for all people. We recognize the time and energy it takes to travel to provide care to people in remote, the challenge to support families with difficult choices, and the commitment to teach the next generation of nurses. We understand the long hours and dedication to achieve excellence in Christian nursing. Our hearts are filled with joy as the Lord works in each one of you. Every day and especially this day, we want to provide a special blessing and anointed word over you. Hopefully, wherever you are or whatever you are doing this week, you will take time to hear the following Nurses’ Day Blessing from NCFI for you:

                      “NCFI leaders and staff give thanks to God daily for each nurse.  They come into the presence of God,our Father to pray for the nurses within NCFI and those who have yet to be blessed by the organization. As fellow nurses they are constantly aware of your work of faith in being obedient to God’s will in your life and the labor of love you joyfully carry out for your patients and families. They pray that you remain steadfastness with hope in our Lord Jesus Christ, who will bring fruit to your labors and strength to your journey. amen (modifications to 1 Thess 1:3)

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