NCFI Care: Do Justice



Our turbulent world is in constant turmoil with wars between nations and peoples, and one crisis after another through disasters and violence. Micah, a prophet in the Old Testament, also lived during a period of upheaval and crisis.  According to Bible scholars, Micah’s prophetic purpose was to show Judah that a necessary product of her covenant relationship to God was to be just and holy. Instead of their vain acts of religion through meaningless sacrifices and gaining possessions. They had lost sight of their relationship with God. Micah reiterated the Lord’s character and commands—to love the Lord and to love their neighbors through this amazing verse:

He [the LORD] has told you, O man, what is good; And what does the LORD require of you. But to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God? (Micah 6:8).

How can we “do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with our God” during our own turbulent times? In the next 3 NCFI Cares devotions, I will share my insights.

Let’s begin with justice. How can we “do justice” in light of our relationship with the LORD through Jesus Christ?  We can advocate for victims, educate the unlearned, administer health services for the poor, provide basic services for the destitute, and many others. These are many of the things as health care workers we think of for administering justice. Yet, to “do justice” is also more than just following God’s commandments as faithful servants, for then we miss the character of God. Our Lord is a loving Father to the orphan and cares for the widows (Psalm 68:5) and has compassion on all of us (Psalm 103:13-14). Also, when we extend justice to others as a response to the grace and mercy of God we have received, we demonstrate the heart of God to our neighbors and replicate the life and teachings of Jesus.

There will always be inequalities on earth. We live in a sin-saturated imperfect world. Only the return of Christ will end the unjust world we live in. Until then, we can live out “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10).

Pray with me for the Holy Spirit to open our eyes for opportunities to “do justice” for our neighbors both near and far.

NCFI Cares: A is for Alert


A for Alert reminds us to be alert to opportunities to pray with our colleagues. Many times our compassion and concern is focused on our patients and the holy interventions they need. We can also be alert to our colleagues, managers, and administrators. Whether it is a colleague worried about their marriage or stressed about their children. Or maybe it is a manager/administrator facing a newly diagnosed illness or disease. We can listen and support their tough life journey through compassionate prayer.

Alert also reminds us not to forget to stop immediately and pray with them. Personally, I get busy listening, consoling, and supporting that I forget to stop and ask them if I can pray with them. If the situation or work environment is not conducive to an immediate, quick prayer. Then, be sure to follow up with a text, email, or quick word letting them know you are praying for them and would welcome a moment to pray WITH them.


As we seek to be alert to the needs of our colleagues, let’s respond compassionately with prayer:

“There is a certain compassion that belongs to the natural person, which expends its force in simple gifts to those in need, and is not to be despised. But spiritual compassion, the kind born in a renewed heart, is Christlike in its nature, deeper, broader, and more prayer-like. Christlike compassion always moves to prayer.” (E.M.Bounds in The Essentials of Prayer)

Ephesians 6:18 With every prayer and petition, pray at all times in the Spirit, and to this end be alert, with all perseverance and requests for all the saints.

When Hope Is Lost: Part 2

In the Part 1, we loaded our backpack of hope with a various nursing interventions. In Part 2, we focus on bringing hope to our patients through spiritual care for both Christians and non-Christians. As followers of Christ, we may hesitate to provide spiritual care interventions for those of other faiths. This is where our spiritual care experts can be consulted. Whether it is a hospital chaplain or coordinator, these wonderful men and women are partners in encouraging our patients. They also have the time to sit and chat with a patient, a challenge for the busy aJCN Covercute care nurse.

Also, included with the article is Supplemental Digital Content–listing specific resources for nurses looking for additional books, websites, etc.

I would enjoy discovering other interventions in your backpack of hope–feel free to share other ways you facilitate hope for your patient.


Click on the JCN cover to see all the articles in Christian Nursing 101 Collection!

When Hope Is Lost: Part 1

Hopelessness and despair can be common experiences for our patients with cancer, terminal illness, or tragic trauma. As nurses we are well positioned to assess patients for signs and symptoms of hopelessness and intervene to curtail the devastation of despair.  The article in the current issue of JCN begins a list of interventions supported by nursing and scripture that we can use with our patients. The interventions also includes “patient/nurse” commentaries offering support and guidance as we tackle this tough issue. I would love to hear your stories! Whether it is from nurses who inspiring hope with your patients OR from patients/people who have received support, word, and/or encouragement from nurses or healthcare providers.   JCN cover Be sure to check out the article in the Journal of Christian Nursing (July/September 2014)

And keep your eye out for the Part 2 in October!

Update…Our Faithful Journey In Nursing

Our Faithful Journey in Nursing: A teaching on Faith, Compassion, Prayer and Excellence in Christian Nursing is available as an eBook at Amazon/Kindle for $1.99 USD. Also available via international markets.

This book truly has a God story!
It started as a 4 articles with bible studies published in a Norwegian nursing journal…then compiled into one book with globish revisions…distributed by Tove to Sierra Leone nurses. Now published as an eBook…and now distributing hard copies to Denmark for nursing/medical students.
Don’t you love it when God is amazing!
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