When Hope Is Lost: Part 1

Hopelessness and despair can be common experiences for our patients with cancer, terminal illness, or tragic trauma. As nurses we are well positioned to assess patients for signs and symptoms of hopelessness and intervene to curtail the devastation of despair.  The article in the current issue of JCN begins a list of interventions supported by nursing and scripture that we can use with our patients. The interventions also includes “patient/nurse” commentaries offering support and guidance as we tackle this tough issue. I would love to hear your stories! Whether it is from nurses who inspiring hope with your patients OR from patients/people who have received support, word, and/or encouragement from nurses or healthcare providers.   JCN cover Be sure to check out the article in the Journal of Christian Nursing (July/September 2014)

And keep your eye out for the Part 2 in October!

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