NCFI Cares: Faith to Rest

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A boat is traveling across the sea when the wind and waves begin to knock the boat around. Most of the people on the boat are fearful as the waves bring water into the boat. Yet, one passenger is asleep on a soft cushion below the deck of the boat. The storm continues and the boat begins to fill with water. All the passengers are in a panic except for sleeping passenger (Mark 4:35-41).

Our nursing boat is often rocked by a storm. The storm can be a change in funding, challenges to patient care, or not enough staff. We can quickly feel overwhelmed by the winds of change and the rising water of uncertainty. In fact, nursing and health care are always experiencing some type of storm.

Just as Jesus rested in confidence on the storm-rocked boat, we can rest in him. Jesus cares about health care, nursing, and our patients. He will continue to guide us and provide for you, me and our patients. So, when we find ourselves in a health care storm, can rest in faith and God’s promise is to provide.

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