NCFI Cares: Nurse Values


Values is defined a “a person’s principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgment of what is important in life.” Values are characteristics or attributes that we live by or guide our life. Everyone has values that were taught by our parents, like honesty, respect, and love. Our Christian values come from the life of Jesus Christ and teachings found in scripture. Here we see concepts like hope, forgiveness, loyalty and compassion.

Our profession of nursing also has values. They are usually based on ethic statements, professional ideals, and standards. Some values in nursing are caring, professionalism, integrity, diversity, respect, and excellence.

What are your professional values? Are they similar to your institution’s values? National professional nursing values? And/or Jesus Christ teachings? Spend some time reflecting on the values that guide your work as a nurse. Feel free to share your reflections on Facebook: Twitter: @CarrieDameron #ncficares or below as a comment.

Stay tuned to upcoming issues of NCFI Cares where we will discuss integrity, a NCFI values.

Blessings, Carrie

Prayer for our new NCFI President, Tove Giske, Norway.

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