CARES: Reflections for Nurses–English Only

CARES English Cover Only

I think the best way to share the good news is tstart with an insightful story.

Recently, I was in Taiwan and gave the CARES: Reflections for Nurses to a Taiwanese nursing student. He received his gift with joy and thanks. The next day, he approached me and said, “I can’t read this book, it is in Spanish.” This is when I explained how the book is bilingual–English on one side with Spanish on the other side. With the simple explanation, he went away happy excited to enjoy his gift.  A few days later, he confirmed his enjoyment of the English reflections.

This incidence solidified a thought I had been contemplating, to publish an English only edition. So here it is with a bonus feature. Instead of just removing the Spanish translations, I went one step further to add a note page for each reflection. This provides space for meditations, insights, and/or prayers.

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The book is available through Amazon Book Store

Hopefully soon, it will be available on the NCFI webpage as a free pdf.

CARES book review

“Every day we have a devotional time in our chapel. And I am often the one who preaches God’s message to my fellow nursing students and to my clinical instructors! I select a story from thisBook. I share it with my fellow colleagues and together we reflect on God’s message, on what he wants us to be. The book contains many short exhortations, comforting and instructive words, to help us lead lives that reflect the love of Christ. There are encouragements to strengthen and words to challenge us. I have discovered more about Christ through Prof. Carrie and her Book. My Spiritual wellbeing changed when I started to read it everyday. I have already finished reading the book from the first page until the last page. But I still read the first page again because God said “I am the
Alpha and Omega – The beginning and the end”. For me that means I want to read the book again from the first page because God’s word doesn’t end in the last page or after you read the whole book, It’s unending. I thank the Nurses Christian Fellowship International for The CARES book and Prof. Carrie Dameron for writing it!”


CNI Magazine March 2017

Thank you Rennard for the wonderful review.

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Book Launch: CARES

In July, CARES: Reflections for Nurses was launched in the United States during a Christian Nursing Brunch. I had the wonderful privilege of being interviewed by a New York Times best selling author, Susy Flory. Not only did I share how CARES came to be, I also shared why the book is bilingual with English and Spanish.

Stay tuned….I will be posting a reading from the Book Launch party!



CARES: Reflections for Nurses

If you enjoy reading the NCFI Cares bi-monthly devotions, then you are in for a surprise–CARES:Reflections for Nurses. Each reflection integrates the poignancy of a nurses’ devotion with reflective questions and readings in a brief one-page format. Thus, each reflectionFRONT COVER3Kindle - Copy includes devotion/discussion with suggestion reading, responsory question, and prayer.

The 52 reflections are a combination of previous devotions which have been revised and updated, along with unpublished Christian nursing topics.

Whether you want to uplift your personal faith journey, exemplify your Christ-like professional nursing, or bring the mercy of God to your patients, families, colleagues, and students, CARES: Reflections for Nurses contributes to your faith development. The reflections can also be used with a mentor/mentee relationship and/or facilitate a nurses fellowship group.

Did you notice the “sub title” Traducido al Español? CARES: Reflections for Nurses has a unique feature. It is bilingual! Meaning–it has both English and Spanish in the same book!  So share it with your colleagues, who reside in Latin America and/or have Spanish as their primary language!

Stay informed throughout the publication process by sending me an email at

Printed copies will be available at the NCFI Congress in the Philippines, June 2016.

Hope to see you there.

May Update:

CARES is available NOW for order–either as a printed book or an ebook on Kindle on Amazon 

CARES: Reflections for Nurses

Coming Soon

If you have enjoyed stopping by and reading NCFI Cares, then you are in for a pleasant surprise–a compilation is in the works entitled CARES: Reflections for Nurses!

I began sending out the bi-monthly NCFI Cares devotions for Nurses Christian Fellowship International (NCFI) in January, 2013. I am amazed it has been 3 years! In 2014, NCFI leadership asked me about providing a printed compilation. I was excited for the opportunity and set out on a new writing journey with a few goals in mind.

First, I wanted the compilation to be a combination of old and new content.Thus, out of the 52 reflections contained in CARES, 26 will be brand new, Christian nursing topics.

Second, I wanted something more than just devotions and not as comprehensive as a Bible study, so I penned reflections. Each reflective topic contains a devotion, selected reading(s), poignant question(s), and a prayer. Turning a simple, daily exercise into a meaningful process for faith and professional development.

Finally, I wanted each devotion to be translated into Spanish. Since the beginning of NCFI Cares, my sister in Christ and nursing, Martha from Argentina, has translated each devotion prior to sending it to Latin America nurses! Thus, CARES is bilingual.

I am excited to bring CARES: Reflections for Nurses!

Check back, as I continue to share updates!