CARES book review

“Every day we have a devotional time in our chapel. And I am often the one who preaches God’s message to my fellow nursing students and to my clinical instructors! I select a story from thisBook. I share it with my fellow colleagues and together we reflect on God’s message, on what he wants us to be. The book contains many short exhortations, comforting and instructive words, to help us lead lives that reflect the love of Christ. There are encouragements to strengthen and words to challenge us. I have discovered more about Christ through Prof. Carrie and her Book. My Spiritual wellbeing changed when I started to read it everyday. I have already finished reading the book from the first page until the last page. But I still read the first page again because God said “I am the
Alpha and Omega – The beginning and the end”. For me that means I want to read the book again from the first page because God’s word doesn’t end in the last page or after you read the whole book, It’s unending. I thank the Nurses Christian Fellowship International for The CARES book and Prof. Carrie Dameron for writing it!”


CNI Magazine March 2017

Thank you Rennard for the wonderful review.

Download the Christian Nurse International by NCFI for the full review, as well as nursing articles written by our global colleagues.

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