NCFI Cares: Proceed with Caution

“My Father is working ucautionntil now, and I am working.” (John 5:17) This was Jesus’ response to the Jewish leaders who had accused him of violating the Sabbath by healing a lame man.  Jesus repeatedly came up against the religious establishment for doing things in contrast to their rules–healing the blind, touching the unclean, and teaching the people.  We can find ourselves in similar situations as Jesus. Especially, when the work of the Lord is in contrast to health care and/or educational institutions rules.  We may find ourselves coming up against the leadership.

For example: a group of Christian nurses want to meet weekly to pray, but the hospital administrators refuse to give them permission to use a room. What can the nurses do?

  • Pray for the situation and the administrators while trusting the Lord to provide.
  • Listen to the Holy Spirit who knows the work of the Father and the “will be done”
  • Proceed with a heart filled with the grace and peace of Christ, knowing we represent Jesus to our colleagues and leaders.

This is just one example of when our Heavenly Father’s work is in contrast to the goals and plans of our health care and/or educational facilities. When these occasions arise we need an extra dose of discernment and guidance. Please recognize, this is not a call to be rebellious for rebellious sake. Instead, it is a reminder when conflict arises to proceed cautiously and discern the good, acceptable and perfect will of God (Romans 12:2).

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