Hipster Christianity

I am book worm! I love to read and I go to the public library and peruse the books. One book I had to get was “Hipster Christianity”. I had no idea what I was getting into, but I do enjoy reading about faith, society and what is going on. Besides, my public library had the book–surprise #1 and they had it on a center display for “summer reading”–surprise #2. I am trying to drive “interest” for my public library to choose books.
I recommend finding this book if you are curious about what is happening to the Christian church in America. This is a big burning question, especially if you attend a non-denominational church. Brett McCracken teaches about the history and advent of hipster. I had never even thought about it before and then brings us to the 21st Century. Brett really delves into the impact culture has had and continues to have on the American Christian Church, which includes you and me.
I have written articles on postmodernism impact to Christian nursing and Brett dives into how this phenomenon is shaping our faith. He discusses worship, sermons, biblical knowledge, church history, service and others. Read the book, learn about what is happening and then pray for ourselves and one another. For no matter what church we attend, all of us need a solid ground in the world.

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