NCFI Cares: A Red Letter Moment



Psalm 91:14 The Lord says,
“Because he is devoted to me, I will deliver him; I will protect him because
he is loyal (know) to me.

In previous
sections of Psalm 91 the teacher or psalmist instructed and encouraged us using
his teaching points. Our lesson plan included comparing the protection of the
Lord to a mother bird and the Lord’s security to a fortress. We were recently
reminded that the Lord will even send his angels to our aid. Now at verse 14,
we see a change in the narration with the use of “I” or the phrase “Lord says”.
It is as if our teacher has stepped aside to invite the Lord to continue our
lesson. And like a classroom filled with restless students that suddenly quiet
when the principal walks in, the reader is beckoned to pay attention.

            This sudden
introduction of the Master and Scholar has personally come to emphasize our lesson.
Like the red letter print used to signify the words of Jesus in the New
Testament, these are the words of Yahweh. As students, our teaching lesson has
changed from a group discourse to an intimate moment from the One who reaches
out to us individually in love and patience to emphasize his truth. A quick
reader can miss this interruption. So let’s take time and wait to see what our
Master has to say. 


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