NCFI Cares: Devoted to God

Psalm 91:14 The Lord says,
“Because he is devoted to me, I will deliver him; I will protect him because
he is loyal to me.

Devoted to God.

Psalm 91 we have learned about the countless ways the Lord secures our faith: strength,
protection, rescue, security, shelter, and peace. Here in the final
conversation we hear what the Lord wants from us. “Because he is devoted…” Some
translations explain the word or phrase “devote” using “hold fast to me” or
“love me.” The original Hebrew word used is “chashaq” a verb meaning “join
together as one” or “cleave” (Lexicon #2836).

            Similar to
our earthly relationships, the Lord wants our devotion. One relationship is the
devotion in marriage. Where a husband and wife love, provide, and are faithful
to one another through the blessings and the sufferings of life. In parenting, mothers
and fathers devote themselves to their children. Careers, vacations, and
personal pleasures take second place to the steadfastness to raise children to adulthood.
Devotion can also describe our commitment to nursing and the care of patients. We
finance our schooling, work long hours, and at times sacrifice our own health to
serve the sick.

            These are
all examples of devotion in our life. Yet the verb “chashaq” to God is unique. “What
does the Lord our God require of us: worship him, obey all his commandments, love
him and serve him with entire mind and being.” (Deuteronomy 10:12-13).  Our devotion to God is comprehensive and limitless,
nothing less than the hundredfold love of the Lord given to us. 

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