NCFI Cares: Our Christmas Miracle

Luke 1:35 The angel spoke to Mary, “The Holy Spirit will
come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you.”

It was the most joyous miracle! God came upon a young woman
and created a child. Not just a human being, but the incarnate of God himself.
This amazing miracle we celebrate every Christmas is the manifestation of the
same Holy Spirit that indwells within each of us. We may not become pregnant
and be so honored to parent the Holy One (thank goodness!), but the Holy Spirit
comes into our lives and performs miracles.

This Christmas season, my prayer for you is two-fold: First,
that the Lord would manifest himself in each of you in amazing ways. Each one
of us need something, a miracle, that only our Lord can supply. The second part
of my prayer is that we would recognize this miracle. Miracles happen every
day, as all health care providers can testify to. Yet, many times we miss the
seemingly little miracles: a changed heart, a kind word, a met need and a
triumph over sin. Open your heart and mind to the daily miracles in your life
this season while celebrating the most amazing miracle!

Merry Christmas from everyone at NCFI!

p.s. better late than never

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