NCFI Cares: One More Tool

As nurses we encounter times when we have run out of healing
interventions. Chemotherapy and radiation are no longer working for a patient with
cancer; or a dying patient is suffering in pain. Medical and surgical
interventions have been exhausted to save a victim of severe trauma or drowning.
All our resources and skills will not save an unborn child and mother. Or the apparently
hopeless client who has countless readmission’s for substance abuse, depression,
or schizophrenia.

Whenever these and other desperate situations occur, we can
remember there is still a tool left in our box of nursing supplies. This tool gets
buried under innovative technologies, complex surgical procedures, and evidence
based interventions. The tool is just as effective today as it was in Genesis,
yet the tool is used less. This is especially true where medical advancements
pave the way for a quicker, more efficient healing.  As nurses, we may forgo honing the skill for
using this tool, for more certifications and degrees. Yes, knowledge has pushed
this tool down to the bottom of patient care treatments. Even though this tool
is an integral part of our Christian faith it may not even be in our nursing tool
box or part of our personal life.

Have you guessed what the tool is? Prayer—lets reach down
into our tool box of nursing knowledge, skills, and procedures, and bring it to
the top. For then we will be reminded to use it first instead of last. (James
5:15 The prayer of faith will heal the sick)

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