NCFI Cares: 40 Days of Kindness

Depending on your
faith tradition, you may mark the 40 day Lenten season by fasting from food or
refraining from a specific pleasurable activity (no chocolate, no watching,
t.v, etc). At the same time, when we seek to somehow impart the love and grace
of Christ louder during this season, the sacrifice of doing something positive
can impact our colleagues and patients. In fact, these simple acts of kindness
with purposeful presence exemplify the living Christ (Ephesians 5:1). Thus,
instead of just sacrificing our personal pleasures, lets reach-out daily for
the work of Christ during Lent.
following are suggestions to be done daily–choose one!
  • simple
    acts of kindness to your colleagues (helping, completing a task, buying a
    coffee or tea, etc…)
  • a
    private prayer for every patients, students, colleagues in your care
  • pray for
    NCFI daily OR pray for one person in your region every day!
  • use
    social media, texting, email, etc to share/send a kind word
  • say a
    kind word to someone (let the Holy Spirit bring them to you!)

      The above list is just a sampling, thus feel free to do
something else. These acts are also, not a substitute for how you participate
in the Lenten season through your church. Instead, it is a way to open our
heart to new ways the Lord works in our lives while sacrificing personal
comfort (Lamentations 3:22-23)

Grace & Peace,


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