In 2008, the Lord answered my prayer: to find a way to encourage Christian nurses in living out their Christian faith in their professional life. was the ministry I designed in response to the need. Since that time, Christian nursing organizations/ministries have moved to online and Christian nurses can now be encouraged and grow in their faith through websites, blog, and social media connections.

As I was praying and reflecting on personal changes in my life I have sensed a time of transition.  Thus, I have closed my website and am transitioning my writing projects to a broad-ranged format as while continuing to partner with Journal of Christian Nursing, Nurses Christian Fellowship, and Nurses Christian Fellowship International.

I am currently in the process of importing my blog topics from the past few years into this new blog and will work on re-releasing previous posts from the archives! I am also looking forward to creating new topics and discussions that impact the larger audience.

What I can’t figure out what to do with is the logo/brand! My husband and I worked many hours to design a specific logo that communicated my vision of encouraging Christian nurses.

I am excited about what God is doing my life and look forward to still connecting and encouraging Christian nurses to live out their purpose for Christ through passion while being enveloped by prayer!


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