NCFI Cares: R is for Record


As we return to our acrostic PRAYERWORKS, we discuss R for Record. Many years ago, I started keeping a prayer journal. The small notebook is more akin to a prayer list. I write out a date with a simple phrase sentence. For example: 1/15 Karen—diagnosed with breast cancer. This brief statement, reminds me to pray for my friend on a regular basis. As time goes by, I would add 2/15 successful surgery/starting chemo/radiation to update the event. The best part is when I am able to cross out the prayer: 1/15 Karen—diagnosed with breast cancer 2/15 successful surgery/starting chemo/radiation and write PTL (Praise the Lord) through the prayer! Since I use the book for multiple years I can go back and see a prayer and then many times see an answer or resolution. Many are basic concerns that range from personal concerns, a time I had surgery and professional prayers for colleagues and projects.

Recording our prayers doesn’t have to be complicated, nor time consuming. It is a great way to remember how the Lord has worked in our lives. Recording both the prayers and the praises, allows me to reflect on how the Lord works in my life. Psalms 143:5 states, “I recall the old days; I meditate on all you have done; I reflect on your accomplishment.” Seeing answered prayers, keeps me steadfast in hope for the unanswered ones.


My prayer journal 

One thought on “NCFI Cares: R is for Record

  1. When I purchase a new journal I divide it up into 7 sections, for each day of the week. Each day is then labeled: Monday–work/world; Tuesday–family, Wednesday–friends, Thursday–nursing, Friday–personal, Saturday–church, and leave Sunday for praise & thanks. I would enjoy hearing how you organize your prayer lists.

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