Christian Nursing 101: Aging Gracefully

I will admit that I have many friends that are in their 60’s, thus the many questions related to “retirement” come up frequently. How many years left to work? Will you relocate? Downsize your house? etc,. At the same time, I have had the same conversations with my younger friends, who as busy working professionals trying to plan ahead.

Even before, I began searching the literature on aging for the column, I knew the concept of retirement looked differently for Christians. This became more obvious as I searched scripture and paid attention to the ages of the Biblical saints and their ministries. Their faithful service was until death. They provide us a new take on the phrase “until death do us part”.  We are in a lifetime, eternal relationship with God as his disciples committed to his calling. Nowhere in the Bible, nor in Christian history did the saints have a retirement party, nor use their golden years to fulfill personal “bucket lists”. They may have changed their roles, but the Lord continued to use them to provide wisdom and guidance to the future generation.

I would love to hear your thoughts and plans, and how the Lord has spoken to you about Aging Gracefully. 


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