NCFI Cares: Meditate on God’s Character

77ba6-ncficares_3bloglogoSo often we mull over, moan over the wrongs that people have done to us.  People like family members, church leaders, members, colleagues and bosses who misbehaved.  Choosing this habit of thinking will produce a toxic mind set which will only rob us of the joy, peace and righteousness in the Holy Spirit and of course, our health and life.

Just to encourage you on the journey of transformation by the renewal of the mind, read and meditate Psalm 36 which have 12 verses.  In my New King James Version of the Bible the title of this psalm reads “Man’s wickedness and God’s perfections”.  David, the psalmist, states that it is an oracle (which is a divine utterance delivered to man, usually in answer to a request for guidance) within his heart mentioning the transgression of the wicked in the first 4 verses which is 1/3 of the psalm.  However, he spent 2/3 of the psalm (verses 5-12) focusing on God’s character – His mercy, faithfulness, righteousness, judgments, loving kindness, provider, fountain of life and God’s action of protection at the end of the psalm.

We can choose to dwell on bad behaviours or wrongs of others or we can choose to dwell more on God, who He is and what He has done and can do.  Like the psalmist, choose to dwell on who God is and His actions –  part of the renewal of the mind process.


Contribution by Swee Eng Goh, Singapore

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