Why Grief Soup?

Many years ago while working on a medical surgical unit I was caring for a terminal patient who was being transferred to home hospice care. The liaison for hospice came by to chat with the patient, exploring if she was ready for hospice care. I have always been drawn to caring for the dying. Some nurses are anxious or prefer not to care for the terminal or even those patients who will die while in the hospital. In health care we call them “comfort care” for the focus of their medical and nursing care is keeping them comfortable.

Later on, the nurse liaison got to chatting and she mentioned a book hospice provides for family members entitled “Tear Soup: A Recipe for Healing After Loss” .

The book through a wonderful story is about “Grandy” who has experienced a loss is reminded of a family recipe for making her own “Tear Soup.” The book recognizes that everyone responds to the loss of a loved one differently, like a unique recipe for soup. Included is a basic recipe for grief AND then has poignant notes that are helpful for different “cooks”, like men and children.

Besides recommending the book for any one experiencing grief, Tear Soup spurred me to make my own grief soup after the death of my sister in 2013.

Hope you will find some help as we cook together our own version of Tear soup.

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