Are you encouraged by NCFI Cares?

Have you been encouraged by the NCFI Cares devotions?

Please share your experience and how you are using the NCFI Cares personally and/or with other nurses.

With your permission, we may share your story on the NCFI website/publications or in the next publication of CARES 2! 

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4 thoughts on “Are you encouraged by NCFI Cares?

  1. Jacqueline Ruth Johnson says:

    I can relate to the resting under the broom tree as Elijah did. I can appreciate his fatigue after reality of his experience with Jezebel set in. He seem to forget God was the power behind his victory. Exhaustion can play tricks on the mind
    The devil takes advantage by placing false perception. Since my experience with toxic leadership, very much like the Jezebel narcissistic personality, I was mentally and spiritually exhausted.
    Today, I am resting , however , I am resting in Christ. Learning daily to let Him through the leading of the Holy Spirit continue to direct my life. I depend on Jesus now more than ever.
    NCFI cares has been instrumental. I would occasionally refer to the readings when I was experiencing those challenging times.

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