NCFI Cares: Just A Sprinkle


I New sproutslive in a part of the United States where there is a distinct difference between the “dry” and “wet” seasons. This is especially true since the past few years have been exceptionally dry and has left my neighboring hills and fields with the barren tundra of cracked dirt and parched grasses.  Thus, when those first drops of rain sprinkled across our thirsty landscape bringing just enough moisture to wet the pavement, the hard dirt gave way to small shoots of grass straining to find the sun. This small amount of moisture awoke the grasses in anticipation of nutrients and growth.

I couldn’t help but make the parallel to the human soul or spirit. Like the drought ridden dirt blown away and grasses with withering roots, a soul and heart can be barren without the nutrients of Christ. Whether it is a blade of grass or a dry soul, a drop is all that is needed to awaken the soul to spring forth in anticipation of the nutrients of a renewed soul.

Many times in the evangelical world we think that a non-Christian heart needs a bucket or river of water to bring growth, not necessarily. All life sprouts anew in response to a sprinkle of water. Imagine the greater miracle when the moisture is the living water of Christ (John 4:14; Rev. 7:17; 22:1).  Don’t worry about bringing the bucket or river of salvation. Just sprinkle God’s love to our drought-ridden communities and watch the fruit of the Spirit bloom!

1 Cor. 3:6 “I planted, Apollos watered, but God caused it to grow.”

Blessings for 2015