Unshakeable Job

Being a nurse can sometimes be disheartening. As a nursing instructor, I hear the disappointment from graduating seniors with no prospective job. I encounter nurses struggling with the constant change and complexity of acute care nursing. As well as, potential students who wait years to be accepted into nursing programs, pay exorbitant price for a private school and then graduate with huge student debt.

Personally, as an instructor for an associate degree program, I am disheartened by the lack of job opportunities for ADN grads and the difficulty these grads have with transitioning into BSN programs. As one of many state funded educational programs, I am frustrated with the lack of funding for education as a whole. With unemployment high, appropriately funding nursing and other “job training” programs should be a priority.

All of this to say, that currently there is much to be discouraged about in health care and education. Yet, through the words of the worship pastor, I was reminded of which kingdom I work for and whom I depend upon. Even though I am part of the health care industry and the educational system, I am God’s workforce and his kingdom is unshakable.

Hebrews 12:28, reminds us that God’s kingdom is unshakable. No matter how unsure the economy, hopeless the job market, tenuous our nursing career, or chaotic health care industry, our confidence is in God! Jesus Christ is our confidence and through him we are assured of a future.

Now I will admit, what we currently see as our future, is guaranteed to be inline with the future God has for us. But, I do know this, we can depend on Jesus to be with us today and tomorrow. (Hebrews 13:8)