Pray for the Region of Asia

    ONE Country a WEEK was brought about as a passion for the unreached in our world and an exciting way to combine walking/running with prayer (nurses are the queens & kings of multitasking!). The idea morphed into a weekly schedule of countries in Africa. We originally used the 24-7 Operation World website, but now we are switching to the which has expanded their website with many upgrades. 
    Beyond each individuals countries’ prayer needs, there are Prayer Resources from the Jericho Walls International Prayer Network. These “white papers” are pdf files for helping your prayer life.  
Some of the resources are:
How to Spend an Hour in Prayer (not as difficult as it sounds with their help) 
Seek My Face
Obstacles to Prayer, and more
    In the last year or so, that I have been praying “ONE Country a WEEK” my desire to pray for the nations has grown.  I find myself praying for countries I hear in the news, like Libya and Egypt and since the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, this country has moved to my daily prayer. 
    This week starts the kick-off for praying for Asia, a region of our world with many prayer needs! I hope you will join us and comment on how God is moving in your life as you commit to pray for the nations!

p.s. If you love videos! Each country has a prayer video–enjoy!

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