Spiritual Care in Manila, Philippians

Part of the reason for getting this blog up and running was to share with what has been happening with me and nurses4him.org. Because of my involvement with NCF (Nurses Christian Fellowship and my writings for  “Christian Nursing 101” in JCN (Journal of Christian Nursing), I was asked to work with NCFI (Nurses Christian Fellowship International) to develop Spiritual Care content. The first place this content will be shared will be in Manila, Philippians at the HCFI (Healthcare Christian Fellowship International) 75th Celebration. To say I was overwhelmed is an understatement! As a nurse, teacher, and Christian, the opportunity to teach Spiritual Care internationally is amazing–I still need to pinch myself! This was so beyond what I thought God would call me to do, that I had to get a passport!
Needless to say, the development of the content is well underway and I am so privelaged and honored to work with the NCFI staff. Their passion for nurses and the profession inspires me. They have scholarly insight in the most recent spiritual care research, practice, and education. I have learned so much from their experience in teaching and mentoring international healthcare providers, as well as their love for our Lord Jesus Christ.
At this point, we have submitted are 4 days/12 hours of content for the Art and Science of Spiritual Care and are waiting back to here from the reviewers. These are various content leaders who read different manuscripts to ensure the appropriateness for healthcare providers, as well as adherence to the Word of God and Christian teachings.
Please join in praying for this opportunity to reach out to our international brothers and sisters in Christ, who like ourselves, have a burden for the sick and hurting. We want to encourage them in their faith, as well as assist them in meeting the spiritual needs of patients. We pray for the love of Christ to be present in our teaching, as well as the discernment and strength for the difficulties Christians face internationally. Please pray for Barbara, Tove, Swee Eng, and myself as we continue to prepare for the presentation, travel arrangements, and God’s guidance.

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