Our Calling, Loving God in Nursing Part I.

    In the article, we explored loving God with all heart, with all our soul, with all our strength, and with all our mind  (Luke 10:27). All our heart is found when we make God that center of not only our personal lives, but our professional lives, as well. All our soul, can be found when all our decisons are in an obedient response to God’s leading in nursing. Loving God with our mind, is really back-to-basics of submitting all our thought patterns to the Lord, as well as bathing our education and practice in truth. Finally, loving God with all of our strength, is when we give all our talents, gifts, etc to be used for the body of nursing in Christ. 
    There is much overlap, yet it is important for us to explore places we may fall short on in expressing the love of God in nursing. Which one is more challenging for you as a Christian nurse? 
    For me personally, my challenge is being obedient to God in where he is taking me. I am type A, planner, etc type and I always want to come up with the plan and then ask God to bless it. I have been working on letting God come up with the plan and me following. 
    Share with me, your struggle so that we can all grow in faith and love.

Journal of Christian Nursing–online

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