Prayer Request: New Book

As I begin 2013, I am working on a new project and need your prayer. A year ago, I wrote 4 Christian nursing articles and bible studies. They were written in English and then translated into Norwegian by Tove Giske, the editor of Tidsskrift for fag og tro (Journal of faith and profession) a Christian Nursing professional journal during 2012.

Tove has always had the vision of compiling the 4 articles and bible studies into a booklet or small book for international distribution. I am currently working on revising the articles for international nurses and formatting the book: Our Faithful Journey in Christian Nursing.  She will be leaving for Sierra Leone in early January (yes..NOW) and would like to provide a high-quality teaching for my fellow nurses!

Stay tuned….May the Lord continue to equip us for his work, amen.

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