What About Me?

This issue of Christian Nursing 101 ask the simple question: What about me? The articles discusses how nurses need to provide self care. Just as we teach patients to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and grow in our faith, we need to care for our self.  The article has ideas on how to make healthier choices for lunches, using the stairs, and even taking a day-off from work AND family responsibilities.

I am currently struggling with exercising! I know it is amazing…I usually run or walk at least 3 days a week, but I have been so overwhelmed with work, that I have stopped.
How about you? Do you have trouble finding time to exercise? Or maybe it is those chocolate cravings that grab you, LOL.

Anyway, back on topic, what about having a true day off (I am not even going there). The article reminds us of the  blessing of a Sabbath rest. In 2007, I wrote an article for JCN on looking at the blessing of Sabbath rest differently. If you have a JCN subscription, you can access the online article.

Enjoy the new year and take care of YOU!


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