NCFI Cares: Job Well Done!


“Before God the Father, we remember your work of faith, labor of love and your steadfastness of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.” (1 Thessalonians 1:3). These are the words of Apostle Paul to the believers in Thessalonica. Paul commended his brothers and sisters for their faithfulness to the gospel message. Paul says, “Job well done!”  Not only did Paul say, “Good job.” He also made the proclamation before God, “God as my witness, the Thessalonians are great Christians!” In his letter, Paul recognized the believers’ commitment to living out the teachings of Christ Jesus. The believers faithfully served one another and Christ through acts of grace and charity (James 2:14-19; Matt 25:35-59).

As Christian nurses committed to serving Jesus Christ, NCFI leaders, staff, and fellow nurses commend you. We know of your work of faith in staying strong in Christ. Your labor of love to patients and families, as well as to your fellow colleagues. We also recognize the steadfastness of your hope. A hope that developed from yesterday, provides strength for today, and guides you in confidence for tomorrow.  We remember you in our hearts and prayers, and confess you to our God that you are great Christian Nurses! Job well done!

Take a moment and tell a colleague–Good Job

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