Music Therapy

Music is therapy. Familiar hymns resonate comfort for Alzheimer’s patients void of recent memory; and perfect lyrics sing of hope and grace to the downtrodden. We feel our spirits lift with a song that gets our toes-a-tapping or even our hips-a-wiggling. Sounds goofy and it can be. For music has the ability to change our mood and brighten our day.

Christian music has always been part of my faith journey, and especially during challenging time.  When I was feeling alone and afraid, the right hymn or contemporary Christian song would touch my heart and remind me of God’s love and security.  Recently, the Lord used music and lyrics to reach through my grief and speak comfort, peace, and joy when I needed it most.

All of this to give a plug for another venue for healing music. Through my involvement in West Coast Christian Writers Conference I had the pleasure of meeting Wanda with His Healing Love Ministries. The Lord uses her talents to write lyrics and music to not only soothe the soul, but to bring healing into the deep recess of our hearts and minds

His Healing Love: The Collection

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