Dash of Poetry for the Holiday

Tick, Tock,
I can hear the clock.
The calendar pages are ripping,
Day by day,
It comes.

Grave marker w/ xmas tree

Bright, lights
I can see the trees
The season is approaching
Gift by gift,
It comes.

Beat, Beat,
I can feel my heart
The anxiety is mounting
Step by step
It comes.

Grief, grief
I can feel my loss
The sorrow is drowning
Tear by tear
It comes.

Wait, stop
Reach for Him
The prayer is lifting
Moment by moment
It is here


*The holiday season can be a difficult time, especially after the death of a loved one. Reach out and get the care you need.  Here are links to my “go to sites.”

  • Kara specific for death of loved ones–all ages

The link includes “Holiday Survivorship Skills”

The link includes s/sx of grief, complicated grief, etc.

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