What is Caring With Dignity?

I was contemplating the topic of “human or humanity” and how Christians view humans in comparisons to other religions/philosophies.  I Brave new worldalways do a massive literature search for both nursing articles and Christian/theology articles and found the book “How to be a Christian in a Brave new World” by Tada and Cameron. Even though I ended up not using the book for the article, it is on my Christian Nursing book list.

I next stumbled across Transcultural Care Model while searching for cultural competency care for an International Nursing class I developed and teach. The model was wonderful and emphasized cultural humility for my community college students. Campiha-Bacota had also created a Biblically Based Model, which was perfect for the article.

I liked the emphasis on humility and providing nursing care that respected all human beings, no matter what their social, ethnic, religious, gender, etc. What I really enjoyed about finding this website/research, etc is the fact that Campiha-Bacota and others have taken a Christian worldview and applied it to nursing. I pray that more Christian nurses continue to define excellent standard for health care and nursing based upon Biblical principles.

“A biblical understanding of truth can guide nurse and other healthcare professionals in effectively caring for all our people” (Campinha-Bacote, p. 17). From Campinha-Bacote, J.,

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