Humility: A noun, an adjective and a verb?

As I looked at discussing humility as topic for Christian Nursing 101, I had to start from zero. I knew very little about humility personally and professionally and hadn’t heard the church discuss humility. In fact, it was hard to find articles and books discussing what humility is and what it is not. The problem is we may have heard a sermon, here and there, but no great in-depth discourse  nor Bible study on how to be humble. Especially when compared to topics on leadership, love, caring, courage, and others which fill the bookstores and sermon lists.

There was also very little on humility for nursing. I did run across the word used with cultural—which I loved! I was researching content for a nursing course on International Nursing, as well as content for the article “What is Caring with Dignity?” (JCN, October/December, 2015) when I I stumbled upon the term “cultural humility.”

From these deficits in our Christian faith and in nursing, as well is in my own personal/professional life, I decided a XLargeThumb.00005217-201601000-00000.CVdiscussion on humility was needed.

Check out the article in this issue of JCN
and then spend some time tin prayer and self-reflection in how to bring humility to both your personal life and your nursing practice.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Humility, like faith is a growth process and we will spend our earthly lives gleaning attributes from our Savior. Just take note where you would like to improve and then allow the Holy Spirit to direct you accordingly.

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