Guided by two strong arms they collaborate together, yet work independently. Each hand contains 4 bones for each finger and 3 bones for the thumb. Along with bones in the palm and the intrinsic bones of wrist we have 29 bones in each hand.  A mesh of tendons and muscles provide dexterity for the multiple functions of gripping, fanning, and arching. Tough for manual work, yet sensitive to interpret dots on a line for reading braille. Gentle to caress and touch, yet quick and responsive for pianists and guitarists. The ridges on the fingertips have unique signature loops and curves that create individual prints precise to each human. A hand can create a fist for fighting, hold a cup for drinking and gently cradle an infant’s head. Hands can be raised in worship, clasped in prayer and extended to one in unity and collaboration. (Psalm 134:2, 143:6).

As nurses we frequently wash our hands to prevent infections, hold patient hands for comfort and strength, and bring many hands together to share our workload. We have wiped tears, cleansed wounds, applied ointments, and assessed temperature. With the increasing complexity of computers and devices, we use our hands to program pumps, manage devices, document medical care and connect with colleagues through cell phones and computers.

Praise God for his wonderful, creatively designed hands. Thank him for the blessing to have hands that can fulfill many functions for we know of people around the world who lose hand(s) and/or the many functions of their hand(s) due to congenital, trauma, illness, or disease.  Take a moment to care for your hands…they work hard and are an important nursing tool!

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